Tekurat-W – Wall insulation for new buildings and for redevelopments

Unique amongst insulating systems but in many ways of use.
The Tekurat-W wall insulation element has a polyurethane (PUR) core free of FCKWs (ozone destroyer) and yet the highest insulation value of 0,030 W/mK.

The PUR-core is covered with an aluminum foil on the underside and a channel system formed into it allows moisture vapor to leave to the outside air and ensures a dry wall.

The special fiber layer on the top side of Tekurat-W allows plastering directly on top of it. The advantage that makes this material special is that it is not necessary to reinforce the whole area of where the plaster is going to be applied but only on the joints and corners of the boards. Brick slips and other forms of wall design are just the same easy to apply…

Wall insulation for new buildings and for redevelopments.

Following working steps are necessary:

  • The old plaster has to be removed but only where its is not fully intact anymore. (when redevelopment)
  • A base track (usually made from alloy) has to be put on the bottom of the wall where you start to insulate.
  • Tekurat-W has to be put with the backside (alloy foil and channel system) to the wall by gluing it dot wise and pegging it. Attention be paid to the direction of the boards. It is marked with a color stripe on top of the boards.

Lamur33a Lamur13a
Pegs distribution in the area      Pegs distribution in the corner area

    • Only joints and corners as well as the spots where the pegs went have to be reinforced with the reinforcement fabric and glued.

A left corner                                    fabric corner angles

Range of accessories


  • Then the topside with the fiber can be prepared for plastering with the rendering base.
  • Possible options for the final wall design are:
  • Trowelled rendering
  • Variegated stone rendering
  • Plastic flat facing bricks
  • Facing bricks of natural material
  • Common cement-lime plaster


Technical Data and Details

Tekurat-W is made of rigid expanded polyurethane. On the underside a channel system is build in with an aluminum foil as finish. The top side is covered with a special fiber of high tearing strength and excellent adhesion properties designed to hold additional covering layers such as rendering, facing bricks made from natural material or plastic..

Thermal conductivity group: l=0,030 W/mK
Characteristics in Fire: Building material group acc. to DIN 4102 = B2
Heat resistant: short time until 250°C. constantly from -50°C until +110°C
Pressure load: 0,1 N/mm² oder 10 t/m²
Weight: 30-35 kg/m³

  There is only one insulation material with these good characteristics.
TEKURAT® is the brand name with which you’ll get 10 years of functional guarantee.

The Advantages of Tekurat-W.

  • Polyurethane has the highest insulation capacity of all known insulation materials (i.e. polystyrenes, mineral- or glass wools, etc.)
  • The material is totally harmless to human and environment.
  • The application is quick and easy, because it is not necessary to reinforce the whole surface.
  • The material can be cut easily.
  • The application is independent of the weather – even in winter Tekurat-W can be applied…
  • Brought in moisture will dry out through the automatic channel system of the Tekurat-W-System. The wall stays dry, pressure can leave…
  • The insulation stays dry – closed cell polyurethane does not absorb water.
  • The redevelopment can be done without removing the old, intact, plaster. That saves money.
  • Tekurat-W is resistant against shocks and beats  up to 10 t/m² (0,1 N/mm²).
  • The length of the boards can be decided by the customer.
  • Our free Technical Advisory Service includes: Diffusion risk calculations, calculations of thermal performance of the building envelope, present state analysis, measurement of the moisture content, etc…
  • Functional guarantee for 10 years.

 Insulate your walls with Tekurat-W, you’ll do your house a favor.Examples of Application


…with results
Your house could be insulated like that!

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