the Oil bonding agent

Product data: the Oil bonding agent “HAPRI”

Areas of use:

The oil bonding agent “HAPRI” was designed to separate oil and oil-like fluids from water on the basis of an environmentally friendly process.


The oil bonding agent “HAPRI” is a granule made of rigid expanded polyurethane. It floats on water and does not react chemically with the water of the oil substance. It still floats after contamination.


The oil is being absorbed immediately. The water will be displaced from the oil-water-mix. Mixing the granules with the polluted water fastens the absorption process. The oil bonding capacity reaches up to the 10-times of the own weight of the granules.

Chemical characteristics:

The oil bonding agent is resistant against all regular solvents, wood protectors, glues, softeners, fuels, mineral oils, gases and aggressive materials in the atmosphere, fungi, wet and dry rot.

Floating characteristics:

The floating characteristics of the oil-bonding agent “HAPRI” were tested in a long time experiment over 6 months. The granules where stored in an oil-polluted water mix. A loss in the floating capacity could not be noted.

Weight: 25 ± 4kg/m³

Form of delivery: Plastic-bags á 100 Liter, Net-hoses and Netsacks (Size according to customer preference)

Particulars of the Oil bonding agent “HAPRI”

Easy application


  • Oil bonding capacity reaches up to the ten-times of the own weight of the granules.

  • Harmless for health and environment (when not contaminated)

  • Unlimited storage when stored according to manufacturers instructions

  • Unlimited floating capacity even after contamination

  • No absorption of water, so no extra cost of separating water and oil bonding agent

  • Application independent of weather

  • Easy to pick up from the water surface

  • Environmentally friendly elimination of the contaminated granules


1 liter mineral oil poisons 1 million liter of water

The Oil bonding agent “HAPRI” of the HAPRI-Werk helps you to solve an environmental problem!

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